Rule 1: Approach this with a 10 year timeline

Rule 2: Learn to see things in the big picture

Rule 3: Do Dollar Cost Average (DCA) buying, consistently and constantly, regardless of how little the amount is (see Rule 1).

Rule 4: Timing doesn’t matter. Time in does.

Rule 5: Regardless of how high or low prices go, always remind yourself of Rule 1 and refer to the chart below.

It’s all a matter of perspective and that’s what really counts



Some words on the announcement a couple months ago of El Salvador being the first nation-state to adopt bitcoin for use as a currency by it’s residents. If you aren’t familiar, watch the twitter video and read the short thread beneath it.

This action is monumental, because Humanity asserted itself and exercised it’s sovereign voice, and in the act of doing so, grew the New world, and helped create a bridge by example for people to leave the Old world. This can’t be emphasized enough.

In case you missed the announcement:

Learn some of the back-story via this twitter thread:


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