Be Mindful of the Narratives.

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2 min readSep 18, 2021

Social Narratives. Be mindful of getting caught in them.

Narratives are a box, presented, amplified, and reinforced by media. And if something does not fit into that box, it MUST be wrong! And anyone who embraces those things that don’t fit must be wrong too!

Ideas and the people who speak or embrace those ideas that don’t fit get ridiculed, downplayed, dismissed, belittled, cancelled, and outright censored.

This is why people who support abortion are labeled murderers. This is why people who don’t openly support rights for _______ are labeled ________. This is why someone who voted for _______ is called _________. This is why people who get a covid shot are called sheeple that don’t know any better. This is why people who didn’t get a covid shot are labeled dirty and not worthy of basic rights. This is why treatments for covid get poo-pooed. This is why people who question motives and question narratives themselves are called conspiracy theorists. Because none of these don’t fit into a narrative.

Are the values you embrace merely the talking points of a narrative? Or does the narrative just happen to reflect your values? Do you merely parrot talking points spoken everywhere else, or do your words come from a place of independent thought and consideration?

If there is ever a time to get into the practice of detaching our mind and our emotional connection to the herd(s) it is now. Thought, independent of masses that reflect our own inner values, and speaking truth to those values, is what we as a species and a people need right now.

Be mindful of the narratives.


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