What is Bitcoin? Part 1 (You Are Here)

(You’ve Not Missed Out)

Bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme, though a lot of people have made it into that. No, bitcoin is something people can grow in wealth with, but it will take years to achieve.

Everyday, people are starting to find new uses for this digital asset and the network it operates on. It is a new technology, so it takes time to penetrate the four corners of everyday life. This is something it has been doing from its inception.

Make no mistake- an open-source software protocol that anyone can build on, that is not centrally controlled by a gatekeeper capable of blocking, discriminating, or limiting access to it, and that operates 24/7 on a global network that anyone with access to the internet can participate in…that’s powerful.

And owning the digital asset of that network at this point in time is, as it was once described, like buying Manhattan real estate in the 1700s- you’re getting in before all the added value and development takes place.

It’s a long game, and if you haven’t gotten in yet, be assured, you have not missed out.



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Brian of The Tiny Crypto Blog

Brian of The Tiny Crypto Blog


It’s a long game. Get the big picture twice a week on Sunday & Thursday @ tincryptoblog.com / Listen @ Anchor.FM/cofc