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Brian of The Tiny Crypto Blog

And it won’t work.

After bitcoin hit the $50–60,000 range, along with the subsequent alt-coin pump that occurred, the crypto price market experienced a prolonged decline in prices that brings it to its present-day levels (with bitcoin in a $30–40,000 range.) The FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) that came out and the state- and regulatory-level attacks that began and continue to this day are part of a coordinated effort to suppress prices, and either delay or stop the adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies by the global populace.

As we have witnessed, the bombardment of negative news has had a considerable effect. The…

The old system is dying

The old system is dying.

The old system, where humans control the currency used by people in a given jurisdiction, is dying. In controlling the money used in a given jurisdiction, you have a situation where an arbitrary group of people make arbitrary decisions on the price of money.

In these systems, central banks are making the decisions that, in an attempt to mirror the information that an ecosystem communicates to arbitrate the price of money, utilize software and metrics, and measuring tools to try and gather as much of that native information as possible, but ultimately, the prices being…

Learning about bitcoin

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You’ve probably heard the term “falling down the rabbit hole” at some point in your life. The first Matrix movie in 1999 help propel that term into the public consciousness. But have you ever experienced falling down your own rabbit hole of discovery?

In more recent times, you’ve probably heard that term applied to people who experience an epiphany; a moment of insight and awareness followed by a journey of seemingly never-ending learning. If you’ve been anywhere near the bitcoin and crypto community, the better odds are that you’ve heard that a lot.

So what IS falling down a rabbit…

Everyone should own a little bitcoin, because bitcoin is freedom.

Bitcoin will succeed, because it is a digital payment network that gives people the greatest amount of economic freedom that they’ve ever had. The rules apply to anyone and everyone who participates in this network — there are no exceptions. Unlike our current system, you can choose to participate and abide by these rules, or to not participate. It’s global, peer to peer, and has no gate keepers to tell you what you can or can’t do with it. It is the most democratic monetary network humanity has ever seen…

As I write this, I am uncertain of the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The introduction of Facebook’s Libra Coin earlier in 2019 shoved bitcoin and cryptocurrencies directly into the mainstream’s consciousness, and now we have reached a point where people are looking at them and asking themselves, “what can they be used for?” In practical terms, are they a payment platform? A smart contract execution platform? A store of value? Money? Instruments that facilitate international remittance? Are they tools that dishonest and selfish people can use to evade accountability? Or are they protocol platforms that free human…

Brian of The Tiny Crypto Blog

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